2/3/18 - Meet Cute

Eric & Sarah first met at their friend Jenn's birthday party at Zeitgeist, a famous Mission District, San Francisco beer garden/dive bar that has been an institution since the 70's.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, 76° F, the beer was cold and the conversation was flowing.  Eric's friend Casey was in town and they had tickets to a motocross event, but they didn't make it because they were having such a fun time.  Sarah captioned a picture she took with Jenn #SFlove, but little did she know at the time what was manifesting...

5/20/18 - #InstagramOfficial

Eric & Sarah took their first photo together before Bay to Breakers, a very SF 12k race that runs west through the city from the Embarcadero to Ocean Beach.  It's known for crazy costumes, so Eric went as DMC and Sarah as Run.  People loved the getups, though one thought Eric was Grandmaster Flash and another thought Sarah was his baddie.

6/16/18 - First Trip

Eric & Sarah took their first trip together to Cabo San Lucas, and thus their love affair of traveling to Mexico as a pair began.  This time, they weren't alone but with a fun group of friends from Seattle including Kate, Kat, Laura, Amani, and Howard.  Also on this trip, Eric said I love you for the first time.  How could you not love Mexico even more after that?

6/30/19 - Shacked Up

Sarah let go of 11 years of rent control, leaving behind her cozy Nob Hill apartment to move in with Eric in Pacific Heights.  Luckily for them, Eric also had rent control - for 8 years.  They had a guest/Peloton room, rooftop views, Whole Foods, Lafayette Park, and Polk Street just a block from their front door.  They had it all!  Anyone who has lived in SF knows that sacrificing rent control is as serious as it gets!

10/19/19 - Epic Japan Adventure

Sarah & Eric took their first intercontinental trip to Japan, where they stopped in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto to try all of the ramen, sushi, and katsu curry they could get their hands on.  They also discovered one of their new favorite cocktails that they continue to enjoy to this day - the Japanese highball and paid a visit to the legendary Suntory distillery.  If you go to Tokyo, visit their friend Jyo Ma who owns a small bar in Golden Gai, Shinjuku.

3/28/20 - Welcome Home Ziggy!

Sarah & Eric wanted an Australian Shepherd puppy for awhile, but pre-pandemic, they traveled twice a month both for work and fun...so when the city of SF issued a Shelter-in-Place order in late March and their companies told them they could work from home, they knew it was an opportunity to fulfill their dream that they couldn't pass up.  Ziggy has been their daily companion and best friend along with their cat Theo ever since.  Most of you know that they are reluctant to go anywhere without the Zigster!

10/9/20 - He Put a Ring on it!

Eric popped the question during sunset at Shell Beach while on a weekend getaway with Sarah's family in SLO.  The two of them were were strolling along the bluffs, admiring the ocean when Eric dropped down on one knee.  Onlookers on hotel balconies clapped and cheered them on and even texted them their cell phone footage!  Sarah's mom and siblings were waiting at a restaurant with cake, balloons, champagne flutes, hats, and shirts and it was a very fun family engagement party.

11/16/20 - Hellooo SoCal!

Eric, Sarah, Ziggy, & Theo road tripped down to San Diego in their Audi with a moving truck following them to start their next chapter - living in a house (finally!) in the down-to-earth, friendly neighborhood of University Heights.  After knowing apartments for his entire young life, Theo became an indoor/outdoor cat.  Ziggy became even more of a beach dog than he already was.  Eric and Sarah each scored their own offices at home.  Life is good!