Check Your Passport

Make sure it's not expired!

Processing times for new/renewed passports can take up to 12 weeks, however you can pay a fee of $60 for expedited service of 4-6 weeks instead.

Bring a Pen

You'll need a pen to fill out immigration and customs forms before you land in Puerto Vallarta, but the airlines don't have enough to go around so be sure to bring your own.

You can also complete the forms electronically in advance.

Transportation To & From PVR Airport

Taxis in Puerto Vallarta are safe and easy.  We recommend taking a taxi directly from the airport to Garza Blanca.  Expect the fare to be under $20 USD and take less than 35 minutes door-to-door.

A taxi ride downtown to the boardwalk/Malecón and Old Town/Zona Romantica takes about 15 minutes.  The front desk can call a taxi for you and they are always just a minute or two away.